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The Digging Six Feet Under podcast, where every week we review each episode from the HBO Original television series 'Six Feet Under' with host and licensed funeral director, Victor Rubio.
2 years ago

Bonus Episode (SFU in 2017)

Bonus episode! With David Green, we pick up where…

Bonus episode! With David Green, we pick up where we left off with the Season 2 finale - how would Six Feet Under fare in the 2017 television climate? We re-write, change plots, change character arcs, change genders, change settings & more. On our behalf, please post/promote the show for us! We look forward to having you join us for the upcoming Season 3 - and more importantly we move from SD to HD! Listen to this and all episodes at diggingpodcast.com If you want to guest on an episode, please e-mail me at diggingsixfeetunder@gmail.com Follow me on twitter @diggingpodcast, give us a follow on Facebook at 'Digging Six Feet Under' and join us next week, as we start Season 3, with Moira Browne! Edited by David Green Music - Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie - Live - April 29, 2017